Dr. Kelly Kraus

Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Kelly Kraus is originally from Connecticut and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school in 2009. In the following two years, she completed a rotating internship in New Jersey and a surgical internship in Texas. She completed her residency at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in 2014, and then obtained board certification. She has enjoyed practicing in New Jersey since.

Her interests include, but are not limited to, reconstructive, hepatobiliary, and thoracic surgery, as well as surgical oncology. She also has extensive training and experience in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Kraus has many artistic pursuits outside of work, and enjoys the ability to bring that creativity to her practice of surgery when it is required for a challenging problem. She greatly enjoys each of her patients and the opportunity to help them.

Outside of work, Dr. Kraus can be found hiking with her dog, playing the piano, skiing (when there’s enough snow), spending time with her family, or learning a new craft. Her pets include Betty, a goofy Golden Retriever mix, Carmela, a very fancy rescue cat, and Vinnie, a sort-of Siamese cat who plays fetch.